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Maintenance & Warranty

CSrugs offers a unique service: Personal Maintenance Advice for every individual rug collection!
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This is tailor made advice for a specific rug intended for your specific home situation. The Personal Maintenance Advice takes this into account and will provide you with solutions for daily maintenance, hoovering, stain removal, periodic maintenance and major maintenance.

Professional maintenance adresses

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This phenomenon is known as "apparent stains" and it looks as if water has been spilled. In fact, it is a change in direction of stroke of the pile.

Depending on the perspective, it seems as if a part of the  carpet is darker. Shading is therefore a purely optical effect, which has nothing to do with discoloration. The cause of shading is, despite scientific studies, not known yet. Obviously it is related to the local circumstances and it mainly occurs on cut pile rugs.

After the exchange of a carpet or rug it is most probably that shading occurs again at the same place. Therefore CSrugs does not consider shading as a manufacturing defect. The risk that shading occurs is low and sometimes it creates even interesting optical effects. If you want to exclude this small risk entirely, you should choose a rug in non-cut pile style.

Rugs on wooden floors or stone

For rugs to be placed on wooden floors, natural stone floors (e.g. marble) or other hard surfaces it is strongly recommended to use an underlay.By using an underlay, the floor remains in good condition, even if a migration of undesirable substances from the top layer of the flooring should take place.
CSrugs does not accept any claims concerning damages of the floor caused by not using an underlay.
The underlay will be packed directly with the rug and shipped without any extra costs.


Considerable contribution to our fragile planet is anchored in our company. As a production unit we are evem more conscious of every step we make while creating our rugs. A broad number of measures have been taken to produce as green as possible. And it's an ever evolving process. Enclosed document describes our sustainability awareness.

Sustainability document