This new collection finds its origin in the Byzantine architecture and more specific in the Spanish Alhambra.

The 100% Merino wool patterned rugs are available in 4 designs;  the star pattern closest to the Alhambra origin, the other 3 derivatives . The 4 designs all have a fond, a basis [coloured pattern]  and an effect [colour]. The effect will be  random  and only partly tufted. The 16 mm pile gives the rug its luxurious, velvet-like character. Since 2018 BYZANCE is also available in 45 mm pile height. The collection encloses 15 standard colours.
A real Dutch design development, making thankfully use of the factory’s techniques.

Collection name: Byzance
Technique: cut pile
Material: 100% new Zealand wool
Pile height: 16 / 45 mm
Pile weight: 3100 / 4500 gr/m2

Byzance collection

  • Patterned rugs is a new chapter for Carpet Sign; We lost our virginity, we started with patterns, being complementary to the existing collection.
  • Design is associated with luxurious, cosmopolitan, architectural digest.
  • Inspired by the abundance of colours and shapes & rythms of the Moorish tiles in the spanish Alhambra and the portuguese Azulejos, we looked for patterns matching contemporary, luxurious interiors;
  • A touch of traditional craft, a touch of AD, a touch of traditional tufting technique: tradition translated to present-day design.
  • Timeless design with a twist by subtile, random colour adds in the overtuft part.

Fond – Basis - Effect

The 4 designs all have a fond, a basis and an effect. The basis is the over all design, the effects will only be tufted partly. It looks like a random design but this is a standard pattern.

The designs have a fixed centre. From there the sizes will be scaled.