Fashion is everywhere and so is texture. And we definitely love it! Have you ever zoomed in on tissue? Being it jeans with a robust twill weave structure or more delicate wear with a satin weave,  whatever weave a cloth is made of, each construction is intriguing when translated to rug patterns. We have selected 8* weave constructions and converted them into appealing patterns with the option to choose from a small pattern [S], a mid-size pattern [M] or a larger pattern [L]. Each pattern size has its very own character! Lines and dots, quadratics and diagonals and fashion icon figures, all these  variants are part of the Couture collection.

The 100% woollen rug is a combination of both loop- and cut piles, whereby the loop piles are partially sheered and actually create the smooth, velvet-like pattern. Pile heights run from 6 to 9 mm so a slight 3D structure is created. Each rug has a 2 cm moquette border.

‘Couture’ comes in 24 rich colour mixtures of which 8 are gradients. The gradient colour option adds an elegant chicness to the rug like we experience on the Catwalks’ Couture wear. A stunning collection that makes you look twice!




Collection name: Couture
Technique: Tufting
Material: 100% wool
Pile height: 6-9 mm
Pile weight: 1950 gr/m2
Carte blanche: Customized colours and sizes