The Lilain collection combines fine wool worsted yarn with pure linen. The linen gives the carpet its special nap and resplendent appearance. Colours are all rich nature tones.

Collection name: Lilain
Technique: tufted
Material: 75% wool/25% linen
Pile height: 16/25 mm
Pile weight: 2500-3700 g/m2
Carte blanche: colour, form and size individual


  • This rug can be used with under-floor heating, unless it is a wall to wall carpet.
  • Lilain has officially been tested and is suitable for residential and (light)contract use.
  • Linen has no resilience. This may lead to ‘retraction’ of the linen yarns.
  • For usage in public areas with heavy traffic we can supply Lilain 16 in an + version with higher density.

Fire safety 

Lilain is made of 75% pure wool, which is naturally flame retardant.