Symbiosis In-/ Outdoor

Symbiosis embodies the cohesion of outdoor and indoor living. It brings those worlds closer together by stretching the comfort and adornment to our outdoor setting.

Due to their designs and colours, the new outdoor rugs do have an indoor “textile” appearance but at the same time have the characteristics for outdoor use. As a result, the collection is a true accession for outdoor lounge areas, balconies and terraces but also especially suitable for hotel purposes; for lobbies, spa areas, restaurants or roof top bars. Offices or public spaces with intensive traffic can be enriched with a design rug that knows easy care benefits.

Material: 100% polyethylene. Water- and UV-resistant. Pile height 16 mm.

4 Designs


Sinus is an optical illusion of waves and curves which imagines that there is  a 3D relief in the rug. Designed by Richard Hutten.


Plaid is a multicoloured small patterned tartan rug with a unicoloured border.


'One happy day for every falling leaf you catch', -quote from Maggie Stiefvater


Allover is a sophisticated, allover composition with a unicolour border.



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Collection name: Symbiosis In-/ Outdoor
Technique: tufting - loop pile
Material: 100% Polyethylen
Pile height: 16mm


  • SYMBIOSIS is UV resistant
  • SYMBIOSIS is water resistant
  • SYMBIOSIS is extremely strong
  • SYMBIOSIS is very comfortable
  • SYMBIOSIS is anti-allergic
  • SYMBIOSIS is esthetically strong
  • SYMBIOSIS is suitable for indoor and outdoor

Maintenance and care:

/sites/default/files/documenten/onderhoud en garantie Symbiose_EN.pdf

  • SYMBIOSIS is UV resistant
  • SYMBIOSIS is water resistant
  • SYMBIOSIS is extremely strong
  • SYMBIOSIS is well cleanable
  • SYMBIOSIS is resistant to chlorine and acids
  • SYMBIOSIS meets the sailing experience