In cooperation with Franziska Wernicke

detailF is the berlin based studio of independent textile & surface designer franziska wernicke. besides working for clients, the studio is constantly developing new products to extend its own collection. the passion for traditional craftsmanship, experimentation and innovation is present in the design process and the final product. franziska wernicke adds another dimension to common products, blurring the line between design, art and architecture. the resulting products are simultaneously elegant and edgy

CSrugs crafted her collection 'Room moment', consisting of fading colours in different directions.

In cooperation with Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid [Canadian-American]  is one of the most prolific industrial designers of his generation. His designs include luxury goods, furniture, lighting, brand identity, packaging and surface design. Over 3000 designs in production, over 300 awards and working in over 40 countries attest to Karim’s legend of design.

For CSrugs Karim designed a series of 12 stunning 3-dimensional rugs in 12 bright colours.

Lush collectie

In cooperation with Roderick Vos

Roderick Vos followed study of Industrial Design at the currently known “Design Academy” in Eindhoven The Netherlands. He works as a trainee for the famous lighting designer Ingo Maurer. After this period he moves to Japan for 8 months, where he finds an excellent tutor in GK Industrial Associates/Tokyo, founded by Kenji Ekuan.

He starts his own design studio in Indonesia and stays in Asia for 6 years. When he returns he starts working for the interior department store Maupertuus in Groningen. Since 2004 he runs his design office  ‘Studio Roderick Vos’ in Den Bosch (the Netherlands) together with his partner Claire Vos who is an industrial designer too. He now mainly focusses on product design. Beautiful vases attest of this. He designs furniture  for a.o. Linteloo, Gelderland and Design on Stock. His aim is to make design within everybodies’ reach.

In cooperation with Studio Truly Truly

Studio Truly Truly is a design studio operating from the Netherlands, founded by Australian designers Joel & Kate Booy. Unexpected visual and material choices inspire their work which can be both whimsical and/or highly graphic in nature. The studio tackles all manner of creative challenges, ranging across objects, furniture, lighting, textiles and spaces

In collaboration with the CSrugs Studio they designed the Frequencies Rug.

Frequencies Rug

This rug is an abstract expression of pulsing energy waves and microscopic particles. 100% wool pile dotted with thick polyester 'mega-tufts' creates a magnetic force irresistible to fingers. The rug posesses an anti-static quality - from a distance it is a sea of bright colours that then break up into vibrant, vibrating stripes as you move closer.

Frequencies rug was produced as part of Truly Truly's 'Particles & Frequencies' exhibition for Dutch Design Week 2014.

Project Details
Dimensions: 2400mm x 1700mm, 16mm pile
Materials: 100% merino wool with polyester mega-tufts

In cooperation with Nina van Bart

The work of Nina van Bart (1988) is of the most tactile, sensorial and intuitive character. Nina  creates atmospheric scenes that connect the worlds of performance, art, music, graphic design, wellness and technology.  She makes a translation between the present and the future and brings out her vision through the use of a material, film, photo series or an installation. And she does all of this with a strong emphasis on materiality, tactility and a sensory experience.

On a free lance basis Nina works for well known design studio Muller van Tol as a surface designer. At this company she designs material samples for tactile walls in print and textures. She also works as an autonomous designer for different clients.

Nina is now working on new rug design in collaboration with the CSrugs Studio.

In cooperation with Jeroen Vinken

The career of the artist and designer Jeroen Vinken (Tilburg, 1955) started with serigraphy and developed via painting tot he development of high tech industrial carpets and [wall] rugs. Nowadays he fully focusses on jacquard woven images and curtain fabrics to be best defined as folded paintings.

For CSrugs he developed the collection Lilain, a cut pile rug made out a combination of wool and linen with beautiful characteristics.