On a regular basis, CSrugs is hosting [young] designers. With the Design Academy Eindhoven situated  'in the backyard', CSrugs -as a production unit- receives a lot of graduation-requests. But also well known designers and even fashion designers find their way to CSrugs.

Yet under the administration of Mr. Dieudonné Sr. well established names as Paul Linse, Edward van Vliet, Jeroen Vinken e.o. have been creating beautiful textile art at the CSrugs production floor in the past. All collaborations characterise an informal nature and bring both engery and mutual inspiration.

Thesis Daniel Costa

CSrugs supported Daniel Costa [It.] by producing his graduation rug for the Design Acadamy Eindhoven where he graduated cum laude. The complete rug,- called Barefoot Walking-,  was shown in Milan on the exhibition of Lidewij Edelkoort in the Altai carpet gallery during the Salone del Mobile 2013.

Daniel is now working for Lidewij in Paris.

Thesis Tijmen Smeulders

Last December Tijmen Smeulders graduated cum laude at the Design Academy Eindhoven. He collaborated with CSrugs to develop a 3D rug. Next week the rug  will be on show in Milan. The installation 'SelfUnself' can be found at the LAP-building in the Lambrate area, via Cletto Arrighi 19.

Project title: Versatile Volume

“I searched for a logic that brings together all the elements of which a rug exists. Color, shape, material, density and pile height are re-connected with each other in order of strengthening each presence.

By making use of a color gradient, a transition from long to short poles and an unusual oval shape, the rug has become a three-dimensional object that defines its own space. You can feel and see the rug is changing from the inside out”.

Thesis Adrianus Kundert

Adrianus Kundert (1990) is a Dutch designer who combines his conceptual skills with his feeling for form and colour. The outcome is often the result of a material-investigation and made in collaboration craftsman and the industry. A good example is his project Ripening Rugs where he makes a statement about the durability or product and at the same time discovers the possibilities of transitional yarns and the abilities to apply it to the industry. 

Adrianus is fascinated by movement and is constantly looking for new angles to implement this in his projects. He believes that objects that are evolving, positively increase the durability and its connection with the user.


Project title: Ripening Rugs

Ripening Rugs represent a positive take on the process of wear. We have designed these rugs so that they come to life through intensive use: as the yarn or weave becomes worn, the rug begins to reveal a different colour, texture, or pattern. Working closely with different companies and professionals, we have developed our own techniques, including yarns with special characteristics. The gradual erosion is what makes these floor coverings increase in attractiveness, each in its own way, rather than rendering them valueless and ending their life as with so many industrially manufactured products


  • New Material Award 2016 - Ripening Rugs
  • Marianne Brandt Prize 2016 - Ripening Rugs, winner Special Donor Award