Met het juiste onderhoud verleng je de levensduur van je karpet. En heb je een vlekje? Lees hier wat je daaraan kunt doen.

Tip & tricks for common issues

Rugs need good care to stay in perfect condition. Vacuum cleaning at least twice a week is recommended. But, even though you might be taking care of your rug[s] as best as you can, there might be some common issues you will run into or you want to prevent

Tip 1

In order to get as few walking and seating marks in your rug as possible, we advise you to turn the rug from time to time, if the shape allows this.

Tip 2
Make use of a good entrance mat. It collects the most street dirt from your shoes.

Tip 3
Always make use of the underlay that is included with your rug. This is the best way to protect your floor and is an extra buffer for pile impact.

Tip 4
In case of a stain, act fast. Carefully, Carefully remove solid matter with a spoon. Remove liquids with a clean, moist cloth. Cover it for some time so it absorbs the stain. Don’t use soap and never rub.