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About CS rugs

We are a dedicated and innovative manufacturer of ‘custom made’ rugs

An enthusiastic love for textile, a creative development team and high-quality & service standards make CS rugs what it is: a dedicated and innovative manufacturer of ‘custom made’ rugs.

Since 1979 CS rugs specializes in creating luxurious rugs in various pile heights, material- and colour combinations.

The CS rugs collection enriches living rooms, offices, shops and more. Whatever the situation, the custom made collection offers creative solutions. Our CS rugs studio experts are able to vividly imagine and convert your specific wishes into a perfectly matching rug.

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A wide range of structures, materials, shapes and colours. All rich and comfortable with love for detail.

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On a regular basis CS rugs collaborates with fantastic national and international designers. Always searching for special connections. A series of unique design rugs or wall carpets have been realised.

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CSrugs is always looking for the latest trends, the most beautiful colours and materials. With the CSrugs tool box we support our partners, interior designers and architects to be as creative as they can be with our specials rugs.

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Buy a custom design carpet at CS rugs

Are you looking for a high-quality custom-made rug or carpet? Then look no further. With a high-quality design carpet by CS rugs, you are going for a special addition to your interior. Our custom rugs are produced with natural yarns and high-quality materials. With our high quality standards and love for high-quality custom rugs, you can be sure of an exclusive custom product.


What is a custom rug?

A custom rug is made specifically for you. This is a great way to add a personal element to your interior. The high degree of freedom makes a custom rug a great option if you are looking for the perfect rug. At CS rugs, you decide on the design, pile height, colours and structure of the custom design rug.

What are the advantages of a custom rug?

Because you compose the rug yourself according to your preferences, the rug will fit exactly to your own style or the room in which it is placed. With a custom rug, you accentuate the room and the interior in an ideal way. You do this by the dimensions, of course, but the rug’s materials, structure, pile height and colour scheme also contribute to this. It is also possible to go for a personal statement and a real eye-catcher. And a custom rug is also ideal if you have a rug in mind but cannot easily find it at existing shops.

Do custom rugs from CS rugs go beyond just made-to-measure rugs?

Absolutely! Often, you only have the option to order a rug in your desired size (also known as made-to-measure rugs), but at CS rugs, we go beyond that. In addition to sizing, our configurator gives you the freedom to choose the rug’s pile height, colour scheme and texture. The possibilities are endless, which is what makes a custom rug from CS rugs so special and more than the average made-to-measure rugs you find everywhere.

How does designing a custom rug work?

Basically, you choose a design collection to your preference, designed by a national or international designer. In the configurator, it is then up to you to personalise the colour scheme, pile height and structure until the design is perfect. Our configurator works tremendously easily, so we recommend getting started with it and exploring the possibilities for your custom rug.

What if the design of my custom design rug/carpet meets my requirements?

If the custom rug is completely to your liking, you can download the design digitally. But it is of course best to see the rug design with your own eyes, which is why it is possible to order a physical sample. Once you are satisfied with your custom rug, we invite you to visit one of our selected partners to bring your rug to life.

What is the delivery time of a custom rug?

If you want to configure your own custom rug, you naturally want to know how long it will take before you can enjoy the carpet. The process starts with configuring your rug in our configurator. You will then visit one of our dealers to discuss requirements, ask any questions or order the rug. Then our experienced professionals will go to work to create the rug of your dreams. For questions about the specific delivery time, please contact our partners/dealers.

Why choose a custom rug from CS rugs?

At CS rugs, you are guaranteed a custom rug of high quality. Because our custom rugs are made with yarns of natural origin, the custom rug is made of high-quality material with strong properties. As a result, you get a custom rug that you will enjoy for years to come. So go for design and quality and enjoy your own custom rug made by CS rugs for years to come.