Curious about CS rugs’ latest stories? Dive into the world of CS rugs by reading our latest articles below. There is always a lot of news to share with you. New collections, new colours, events etc. But we also like to share blogs. For example about the trajectory with some graduate students and their graduation shows. About an exposition or a lecture we attended. About some colour ideas of our Studio, etc.

Inspiration is everywhere and we experience that on a daily basis. Travelling to beautiful cities often brings along new ideas. Flowers or trees can be of inspiration for a colour range. Fashion too is part of our DNA. Take our collections Tweet and Couture for example, both fashion inspired. Every single day offers new insights and we are happy to share as much as we can with you. So stay tuned by subscribing to our news letter!

Project Neptune

5 April 2022

We created several Caméléon rugs for the Neptune Energy office in the iconic new Monarch Tower in The Hague. This …

New colours for the Sauvage!

5 April 2022

Get ready to get even more creative with Sauvage! We added a fresh, new range of worsted yarn to our …

Colour wall

5 April 2022

As humans we are very visual and tactile orientated. And so are your customers! Whether they are specifically looking for …


6 October 2021

This Cosmopolitan collection consists of a series of city maps of different destinations, blended in a rich colour mix of …