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CS shop

On a regular basis CSrugs collaborates with fantastic national and international designers. We expose their work in the online design gallery.

As we constantly look for special connections, we invite quite a lot of designers in Asten. They instantly find inspiration by CS rugs’ production unit and colour studio. We meet, we discuss and we start a profound trajectory of turning an idea into a tufting art work. Sometimes yarn and production techniques are heavily challenged. As a result we launch a series of very diverse and unique dutch design rugs or wall carpets.  

All designers are well known and respected in their field. The design gallery collection comprises a diverse group of product designers, architects, graphic designers and artists.

Curator Richard Hutten: “The briefing to the designers is as simple as it is complex. I ask them to design a rug within the boundaries of what the production can make. But I also force them to push the limits of what is possible. The aim is to create a collection which shows the personal interest and fascination of the designer. Because in a time where walls are being built, and around the globe people end up in prison for their opinion, it is important to give the designers a platform for their outspoken ideas”.

Feico Dieudonne, CEO of CSrugs is extremely proud of the collection: “Working with all these very talented designers forces us to profoundly research the possibilities of our production method and gives us new knowledge which is useful for future projects. Thus, a big shout out to Richard Hutten for bringing all these brilliant minds together. The designers collection brings CSrugs to the next level and shows the world what we are capable of and what we are standing for”.

The diversity of the design gallery collection is highly inspirational! What do you think?

A considerable amount of design rugs have been part of the FREEDOM project: FREEDOM

Richard Hutten

Hutten makes use of the gradients that the manufacturer is able to produce, for a brightly coloured rug inspired by …

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MVRDV focused on the sustainable aspect of the production process for The Puzzle rug by using the yarns left over …

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Irma Boom

Book designer Irma Boom created a rug based on the book ‘Archirectura’ of Roman architect and general Vitruvius. The original …

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Atelier van Lieshout

Sculptor and painter Joep van Lieshout from Atelier van Lieshout interpreted the brief of Freedom with a “self-portrait” rug called …

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Christien Meindertsma – Flax Field

Meindertsma initially created her own flax yarns to produce the rug. The finished design is an interpretation of the flax …

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Christien Meindertsma – Corriedale

For this project, Christien Meindertsma, CSrugs and Roel van Tour have joined forces to follow and record the process from …

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Jólan van der Wiel

Jólan took global warming and the rise in sealevel as its inspiration for a rug that imagines future buildings overgrown …

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Sabine Marcelis

She designed a cheerful rug of linked “donuts” that looks like an eye-candy. “Because of the long woolen threads it …

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Wim Bos

The design is entirely subject to its technology, “form follows technique”. Due to the difference in height of the red …

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Karim Rashid

“The rugs in the Lush Collection embody “echoes of the present”;  a series of biomorphic shapes prevalent in our digitally-inspired …

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Roderick Vos

Roderick Vos and Marieke Staps are responsible for the design of this special collection. Pure emotion! The wolf, the lynx, …

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Jaap Gidding

Tuschinski has been voted the number 1 cinema in the world, a “dream palace that never grew old”, with its …

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Remy Meijers

In 2012, Meijers launched the Remy Meijers Collection, which included furniture and accessories that originated in his interior design projects. …

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