Configure your rug

Our state of the art configurator enables you to design your own rug!
You can adjust colours, pile heights and structures and receive a very realistic 3D image of the rug of your choice. With this ‘configure your rug’ tool we offer you a visualisation of your custom made rug.

Curious how it works? Give it a try and configure your own rug!

How it works

At the next pages you can create your own colour, design and sample.

  • Step 1. Select a collection item.
  • Step 2. Choose one of the standard colours to adapt or configure a new colour.
  • Step 3. Scroll through the yarn databank to select the right colour. Repeat this for all the colours you want to adapt.
  • Step 4. Edit your Style in pile height, design and size
  • Step 5. Download your digitally configured sample. If you are satisfied with your choice you can order a physical sample and visit one for our selected partners (dealerlocator) to continue the purchase process.

Design your own rug

By designing your own rug, you can easily give your interior a luxurious and stylish look that suits your needs and wishes. There is no rug that suits you better than the rug you designed yourself. CS rugs is the perfect partner when you want to realise your own design rug. Designing in our configurator is without obligations, so start experimenting and design your own rug right away.

Why design your own rug at CS rugs?

With a rug that you designed yourself, you are assured of a rug that perfectly suits your needs, interior and personality. Thanks to the configurator, you can design your own rug and easily create the rug of your dreams! You have the possibility to select various colours, pile heights, shapes and structures. You will see a very realistic 3D image of the rug you are designing. The possibilities are endless.

Design your own rug at CS rugs

Want to design your own rug? The possibilities of designing your own rug with our configurator are endless. The configurator allows you to see your self-designed rug in your chosen colours, structure and pile height. First, you select an existing collection. Then you get to work with your design. For each collection, there is a variety of colour schemes, designs, sizes and pile heights available. This way, the rug you design will be completely to your liking. Finally, you can download a digital sample of the rug from your own design or order a physical sample so that you can see your own design in real life. If the design is to your liking, you can order the rug at one of our selected partners. They will be happy to help you realise the rug of your dreams!