Colour wall

Colour wall


As humans we are very visual and tactile orientated. And so are your customers! Whether they are specifically looking for a special interior item or just come by and have a look, they will immediately ‘screen’ the showroom. Colours provide attention. And if you are able to touch and feel all structures on top, then the attraction is complete!

Proof of concept

The sample wall has a positive stimulating effect. We have analysed the colourful wall presentation and the outcome is great. We see that the turnover of our partners with a sample wall has increased considerably, in some cases by as much as 25%! So the advantages are twofold: aesthetically, the colour wall is a real eye-catcher and this way of presenting increases sales.

Creative pinboard

Does your creativity have no limits? Good! As the samples on the wall can be positioned in various ways, you can create your own pin board: arrange is as a gradient of colors, sorting just the beiges or reds or highlighting special collections and so on. Enough space to work with it the way you like it best. Alternating samples with beautiful objects or, for example, with inspiring photos always gives an innovative touch to the wall too.

Custom made opties

Just like our rugs, the wall presentation is also custom built. Depending on the available space given, the sample wall can be made small or large. And as you can see on the photos above, both options are impressive. Are you interested to have one? Then you can mail directly to
We would be happy to see what suits you best!

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