Concept cars

The impact of interior trends goes beyond the detailed living room, office or shop. ‘Interior’ is also being applied in the car industry. Exclusive leather and exclusive upholstery are part of the total experience. We have made exclusive rugs and mats for concept cars of Nissan, Citroën and Tec Linea that are a wonderful addition to the car design.

More projects

NIO House

1 June 2023

On March 23rd, NIO house opened its first showroom in the Netherlands, in Rotterdam. The location of the electric car …

Project Neptune

7 March 2022

We created several Caméléon rugs for the Neptune Energy office in the iconic new Monarch Tower in The Hague. This …

Pink Gellac

7 March 2022

For the new Flagship store [Utrecht] of well-known nailpolish brand ‘Pink Gellac’ the pink Merino is a sweet and soft …