Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question for us? Maybe we can help! Take a look at our frequently asked questions.

Where can I view CSrugs area rugs?

You can see them at selected CSrugs partners. There is always a showroom near you. To find a CSrugs partner near you, click here.

Can I determine the dimensions of the rug myself?

Yes, that’s possible. You can indicate the size of your rug in centimeters.

In what shapes are the rugs available?

You can choose from the following shapes: rectangle, square, circle, ellipse, pebble. On request even organic shapes are possible.

Which colours can I choose from?

There is a large choice of colours and even colour gradients are possible. According to your personal wishes, individual colour proposals are made for you in the CSrugs Studio, completely tailored to your individual interior. You can request free colour poms or hand samples via your dealer.

What kind of yarn types can I choose from?

CSrugs mainly uses yarns of natural origin, such as various types of New Zealand wool, but also linen, cotton, viscose and silk.

Which pile heights can I choose from?

Our rugs are available in various pile heights. Each collection has its own range to choose from. Shortest pile is 6mm, this is a loop pile. Cut pile rugs are available from 10 mm up to 80 mm pile height.

Can I order directly at CSrugs?

Only our designer rugs series are available via the webshop. These are unique pieces that are not available at our retailers network.

The CSrugs collection is available via our connecting partners only. You can use the configurator on the website to design within all configurable collections. Here you can order samples, both digitally and physically. It is not possible to purchase a CSrugs collection rug directly. Our CSrugs partners are happy to help and advise. They will take care of the delivery as well.

Where are the rugs made?

The production site of CSrugs is located in Asten, the Netherlands. True dutch design!

What is the delivery time of the CSrugs?

Approximately 10-12 weeks. Your rug is made to order. After receipt of the confirmation we immediately start the process. Once ready, we deliver the rug to the chosen partner who takes care of further handling. For up to date delivery times we recommend to contact your dealer.

How long do I have a warranty on my rug?

We grant a 3 year warranty. You can expand that to 5 years after signing up. More information can be found at the Warranty Certificate you will receive with your rug.

Is it normal for the rug to fluff?

Yes. With a new rug, walking and vacuum cleaning causes fluff, especially in the first months. Small end-fibres are coming loose. This fluffing does not affect the quality of your rug; this concerns only a fraction of the total pile weight.

Can the rug be placed on floor heating?

Yes. The rug does have an insulating effect, which means that it slows down the heating, but also the cooling down. If there are enough places in the room where the heat can come up, this will not have a disturbing influence on the temperature in the room. Click here form more information

Where can I get stain treatment tips and maintenance advice?

With the right maintenance you can extend the life time of your rug! An extensive maintenance advice is provided with every rug. It includes daily and periodic maintenance and stain removal advice.

Click the link by language for our maintenance advice: